I’ve just bought a kit. Where is the manual?

Our kits come with downloadable manuals, containing step by step instructions for kit assembly and helpful tips and we also produce instructional videos, if you prefer to watch rather than read. You can find, watch and download these guides on our resources page. If you need more expert advice, you can always contact support@techwillsaveus.com.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes, we ship to almost everywhere in the world. For specifics see full shipping information.

I’m waiting for my kit, could you help find out where it is?

We can certainly try. Contact support@techwillsaveus.com with your name and order number. During busy times the postal services may run a little slower than usual but we can check the status of your order and provide tracking information.

Do you provide gift-wrapping?

Gift-wrapping is not currently available on all our kits. However, our Electro Dough-luxe and Gamer Deluxe boxes come ready gift-wrapped.

Help! I need help with my DIY Gamer Kit? I need help with my soldering?

Head over to the Troubleshooting section of our Gamer Resources for some common tips. If this doesn’t help then follow the steps below.

Help! I’ve messed up, it’s not working, it’s broken…can I order a new part?

Of course, if you contact support@techwillsaveus.com we’ll try and help you fix the problem before looking at new or replacement parts. Remember to include your address or order number and type of kit so we can sort out new parts quickly. Photos also help! (Of the kit that is…no selfies). If you need to return a product, please see our returns and refunds policy.

My class would love your kits, do you do any work in schools?

Yes, we definitely do. You can have a look at our Education page to see what we’re up to, and find out which of our Education Offers is right for your school or class. Or get in touch via info@techwillsaveus.com

404’s, error codes and broken links. Something on this site isn’t working and I think you ought to know.

If it looks like something is wrong on our site please don’t hesitate to email the link and issue to it@techwillsaveus.com or support@techwillsaveus.com and we’ll try and fix it pronto.

Where are your kits produced?

We currently produce all our kits on site in our Hackney Workshop.